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Hello there...

From community arts productions in the 1980s to advertising copy production to designing engaging developmental courses today, I've been "writing" in the broader sense for most of my life. There have also been short stories and occasional articles of course. For my degree in Theatre from Dartington College of Arts I specialised in "Writing and Performance", creating original works and editing existing plays to manageable proportions. It's where I learned the necessity of the rewrite and the equal danger of endless "tweaking".


History for me has always been a living thing, about the people who have little sense that they are part of "history". Of particular interest are the hidden histories, the forgotten links in the chain to today. So why write about a prince, and a fairly famous prince at that? Because when I was researching around a quite different book (which I might even write one day) the story of this incidental character just kept pushing harder and harder to the fore. When I imagined a monk writing a report to Rome, about the prince "known to his people, who love him, as Vlad Drakula, to his enemies as The Impaler", I knew that from that moment on the idea I had called "The Middle Prince" would overrun...the other story.

"Drakula" by the way: I adopted this spelling partly to separate him from the vampire associations, and partly from a desire to support a more proper pronunciation.

Thank you for your interest in The Middle Prince

Ivor Randle



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