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Some readers can happily ignore geography and immerse themselves in the story. Others prefer to have a map in their head, or better still a map they can refer to before them.

The digital edition of The Middle Prince has these maps near the beginning, but here they can be presented in larger scale.

The Romanian states, with a largely common language and similar ruling structures, were Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova. Ladislav / Vlad was born in Transylvania, but his father took power in Wallachia and it is around Wallachia and its historical role that The Middle Prince is centred.

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Just a note about conventions: Moldova - the state; Moldavian - from Moldova.




It is Wallachia's place north of the Danube that made it a prime target for rule by the Turkish sultans. Bulgaria almost totally under Turkish rule, Serbia in a constant fight for its independence, and Hungary the ruling state for Chritianity in the region; rule of Wallachia offers a staging post into Hungary and then on into the heart of Europe.

Ladislav will march in the Sultan's armies through anatolia, the Armenian territories and fight at the Battle of Varna in Bulgaria. As an exile in Moldova, it is the straggling Ukranian borders that will test him and prove him in the eyes of the lords of Europe; as an exile in Hungary, it is his strikes into Serbia that assure his position as a general of Europe and give him the support he needs to retake Wallachia one more time...

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