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The Middle Prince

by Ivor Randle

1440, on the faultline between Europe and Turkey's Mighty House of Osman sits the little state of Wallachia. Ruled by its prince, Vlad, with his three sons: the warrior Mircea; Radu, the beautiful; and between them both Ladislav, the other one.

The Middle Prince is the life of Ladislav, who would grow to outlive his brothers, take his father's name and rule Wallachia. Who would hold back the mighty Ottoman Empire while the rest of Europe praised him as a hero but left him to his fate.

Vlad Drakula: no vampires, no werewolves; just survival, ambition and passion. Not fantasy, not horror, The Middle Prince is historical fiction in all its complexity and poetry.


"Drakula" by the way: I adopted this spelling partly to separate him from the vampire associations, and partly from a desire to support a more proper pronunciation.

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